Millie's Art Korner is a long standing art program designed to develop the creative process and observation skills of children and adults. We explore the priciples and elements of art in the traditional method of the Fine Art Masters. We learn to see the world with artist eyes.

About our program

We teach and build on the basic fundamentals of art. In our classes each student's curriculum is tailored to their skill, this way they could be a seasoned artist or a beginner with interest and still gain just as much knowledge in the same classroom. 


In our childrens classes we change our art materials throughout the year and provide various themes to encourage and inspire your child's creativity. Children thrive in a colorful and creative envirnment; many of our kids have grown up with us and have gone on to persue artistic careers.


We have been happily serving the San Joaquin Valley for more than a decade.

Events & Workshops

Join us for a night of Fine Art as we unveil our new gallery filled with masterpieces done by some of our talented students!


Reception is April 1st 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm in our gallery at 233 E. Alpine Ave., Stockton, Ca. (Next door to Millie's Art Korner)


**This is a free event although donations are appreciated**


We have tons of exciting Summer Kamps for kids. Not only are they a blast, but kampers learn core skills in that art medium!