Art Kamps!

We offer Children's Summer Art Kamps, each week long Kamp is themed, and over the summer we develop skills as we eplore many fine art media such as clay/ceramics, acrylic paint, watercolor,sculpture and more. Not only are the kids having fun, but they learn core skills in every aspect of art!

Summer Kamps 2021

Welcome to the Tropics


Welcome to the Tropics July 5 – 9 10am – 1pm:



We need a fun Tropical Vaykay!! Well this weeks camp is going to be just that!  Cheerful Masterpeices all about life inthe Tropics. We will Learn all about creating the various textures of fur, feathers, foliage, tropical animals and landscapes. Think of flamingos, monkeys, cute sloths,exotic flowers and beach front views...

We will be creating beautiful exotic masterpeices fit to be framed for family and friends to enjoy for a lifetime!!


Bring a sack lunch. Kamp is $110 

Sign up now online or by contacting Miss Millie at (209) 939-9931 or, space is limited!

Sea Life


 Sea Life July 12 –16 10am – 1pm : 

Welcome to our Sea Life summer kamp where we will analyze under the sea  marine animals and the aquatic landscape they inhabit. We will be creating vibrant works of art in paint, pastel, and even works in clay! Think of this weeks kamp as a nautical vakay under the deep blue sea. With vibrant paint and pastel our focus will be on realism-capturing realistic textures and creating shape and form with classic techniques used by the Masters.

Kamp is $110. Please bring a sack lunch.

Sign up now online or by contacting Miss Millie at (209) 939-9931 or, space is limited!


Styles of the Masters: Impressionists


Styles of the Masters: Impressionists July 19– 23 10am  – 1pm :

Our Impressionists Summer Kamp will be based off the work of Master Impressionist Painters such as Monet, Van Gogh, Renoir, and others who pioneered the, then new style of painting which broke the rules of painting at that time. We will focus's on what set the Impressionist style apart from traditional drawing and painting. This week is all about color theory: complimentary color, contrast, value scale, and how to use the color wheel to make an endless variety of primary, secondary and tertiary color to make Bright, Bold and Beautiful paintings!! Color is exciting and this class will be a super fun learning experience for our artists!. 

Kamp is $110 Please bring a sack lunch


Sign up now online or by contacting Miss Millie at (209) 939-9931 or, space is limited!



* please note that there is a $40 non refundable deposit on kamp registration, however you can switch Kamps at no fee if there is an issue with scheduling.